The Copic Store

Copic Markers are awesome, and we were tickled R00-Copic Pinkish White that we got to set them up with a custom Shopify theme!

Copic Marker - OVERVIEW

Collection pages use custom sub-nav tabs to group related products, accessories and description pages together.

This store uses a combination of Custom and Smart Collections to manage a huge inventory of pens, inks and accessories. Eagle-eyed visitors will notice that it blends seamlessly with the Copic Marker WordPress site, too. (Hint: that’s not an accident.)

Using collections and tags for a two-tiered sorting process gave us a tremendous amount of flexibility, which we definitely needed to get this site working the way it should! Shopify has made it really easy to access collections and tags via link lists (in the Navigation tab of the Shopify admin). Navigation: not just for links anymore. They’ve also made some changes to the way tags are handled, which essentially allows users to create collections on the fly using tags.

Copic Marker bulk order forms

Bulk order forms let customers quickly add lots of products.

This theme had a lot of custom elements:

  • tab-based sub-navigation on the collection pages (which pull in the correct products based on tags)
  • overview pages that detail each product family with a graphic and some links
  • sidebar graphics that change depending on which collection is being viewed
  • related products (again, based on collections and tags – are you sensing a theme?)
  • a cool bulk order option, which uses Custom Collections as well as a custom collection template (and a bit of javascript) to add a little sumpin’ sumpin’ to the ‘add to cart’ function

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